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Degree programme or major Code Qualification level Mode of study Institute Departments
Computer Science 6.050101 Bachelor Full-time, extramural, external Computer Sciences and Information Technologies Deaprtment of Automated Control Systems, Department of Computer-Aided Design, Department of Information Systems and Networks
Design 6.020207 Bachelor Full-time training Architecture Department of Architectural Constructions, Department of Architectural Design
Documentation and Information Activity 6.020105 Bachelor Full-time, extramural, external Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Social Communication and Information Activities, Department of Sociology and Social Work
Ecology, Environment Protection, and Sustainable Environmental Management 6.040106 Bachelor Full-time training Vyacheslav Chornovil Institute of Ecology, Nature Protection and Tourism Department of Applied Ecology and Sustainable Nature Management
Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnologies 6.050701 Bachelor Full-time training Power Engineering and Control Systems Department of Electrical Systems and Networks, Department of Electric Power Stations, Department of Electrical Supply to Industry, Cities and Agriculture
Electromechanics 6.050702 Bachelor Full-time training Power Engineering and Control Systems Department of Electrical Machinery and Apparatus, Department of Electric Drive and Automation of Industrial Installations
Electronic Devices and Systems 6.050802 Bachelor Full-time training Telecommunications, Radioelectronics and Electronic Engineering Department of Electronic Appliances
Electronic Industry Equipment 8.05050307 Master Full-time Engineering Mechanics and Transport Department of Engineering and Operation of Machines
Engineering Material Sciences 6.050403 Bachelor Full-time training Engineering Mechanics and Transport
Engineering Mechanic 6.050502 Bachelor Full-time training Engineering Mechanics and Transport Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology, Department of Mechanics and Automation Engineering
Finance and Credit 6.030508 Bachelor Full-time, extramural, external Economics and Management Department of Finance
Fire Safety 6.170203 Bachelor Full-time training Building and Environmental Engineering Department of Building Constructions and Bridges, Department of Hydraulics and Sanitary Engineering
Food Technology and Engineering 6.051701 Bachelor Full-time training Chemistry and Chemical Technologies Department of Organic Chemistry
Geodesy, Cartography, Land Management 6.080101 Bachelor Full-time training Geodesy Department of Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics, Department of Territories Cadastre, Department of Higher Geodesy and Astronomy, Department of Engineering Surveying
Heat Power Engineering 6.050601 Bachelor Full-time training, extra-mural training, external Power Engineering and Control Systems Department of Thermal Engineering and Thermal Power Stations