Master’s degree programme 8.05050206, Machinery and Packaging Technology

Qualification awarded: 
Research Engineer (Mechanical engineering) majoring in Machinery and Packaging Technology
Level of qualification : 
Specific admission requirements: 
None: the enrollment is held on general terms of entry.
Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning: 
Bachelor’s degree majoring in 6.050502 Mechanical engineering is required.
Profile of the programme: 
Students of the Master’s degree acquire knowledge of basic and professional disciplines to the extent, sufficient for individual solving scientifically applied, constructive and technological tasks in the branch of packaging technology, creating packaging machinery and managing manufactured packaging. In particular, students, while determining the structure and characteristics of the packaging machinery, as well as automatic packaging lines , gain knowledge of planning and conducting scientifically-theoretical and experimental researches, mathematical processing of the results and making optimization of the solutions, applying modern smart tools and integrated engineering systems for preparation of the manufactured packaging; composition of the automatic packaging production lines; projection of the non-standard equipment and automation means for packaging processes; projecting and calculating power, thermal, deformational and tribological processes while designing and operating packaging machinery; applying modern methods of projecting and calculating;designing modern packaging machinery based on solid state computer simulating systems, applying mathematical device for parametric-structural optimization while creating basic and auxiliary packaging machinery. The total credit load of the curriculum is 90 ECTS credits, including modules in social sciences and humanities 6 cr.; professional and practical training 84 cr.
Key learning outcomes: 

1.Knowledge and comprehension:

  • Mathematical apparatus for research in the field of packaging technologies and developing of modern packaging equipment, automatic devices and packaging lines;
  • Mathematic and engineering interpretation of new technological packaging techniques and equipment for its realization;
  • Devices and means for conducting experimental researches on packaging technologies and machines;
  • Principles of packaging equipment and automatic devices engineering, designing of automatic packaging lines for different types of package, packaging materials and production;
  • Measurement methods in the sphere of package equipment and automatic packaging lines;
  • Automated systems used for packaging equipment designing and techniques to automatize production package;
  • Methods to design automatic packaging lines;
  • Scientific and technical, as well as management fundamentals concerning an optimization of the package equipment use.

2. Practical skills:

  • Ability to analyse and design packaging systems, technologies of packaging and advanced models of packaging machines;
  • Ability to design and optimize packaging equipment, automated devices and automatic packaging lines;
  • ability to research, design and carry out experiments in packaging production systems as well as analyse their outcomes;
  • ability to develop technologies and packaging production systems, ensure safe functioning of their equipment.
Occupational profiles of graduates with examples: 

Professional profiles of master graduates((according to)DK 003-2010):

  • 2145.1 - research associate (Mechanical Engineering);
  • 2145.2 - engineer in charge of mechanization and automation of production operations;
  • 2145.2 - engineer in automation of labor-intensive processes;
  • 2145.2 - design engineer (mechanics);
  • 2145.2 - process engineer (mechanics);
  • 2149.2 - equipment and materials integration engineer ;
  • 2149.2 - adjustment and test engineer;
  • 2149.2 - operation maintenance engineer;
  • 2149.2 - new technology/ technical implementation engineer;
  • 2149.2 – engineer in charge of patents and inventive activities;
  • 2149.2 - pre-production engineer;
  • 2149.2 - engineer in charge of mechanized devices' designing;
  • 2149.2 - repair engineer;
  • 2149.2 - calculations and mode engineer;
  • 2149.2 - research engineer;
  • 2149.2 - systems’ management and maintenance engineer;
  • 2310.2 - university lecturer/faculty member;
  • 2320 – vocational school lecturer.
Access to further studies: 

Research engineer of Machinery and Packaging Technology may continue his/her training as a postgraduate majoring in Theoretical engineering 05.02.02 or Dynamics and reliability of machinery 05.02.09

Examination regulations, assessment and grading: 

Regulations on knowledge assessment and students’ rating in the modular degree system.

Graduation requirements: 
Curriculum with the credit load of 90 credits completed and master’s thesis defended.
Mode of study: 
Full-time, extramural.
Programme director: 
Sc.D., professor Kuzo I.