Bachelor’s degree programme 6.030507 Marketing

Qualification awarded: 
Bachelor in Marketing
Level of qualification : 
Specific admission requirements: 
On a competitive basis and results of Unified State Examination, a National Certificate.
Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning: 
Admission to the second year of study students graduated from Polytechnic Technical College and Technical and Economic College on a competitive basis of the diploma supplement assessments, education based either on physical or judicial persons’ funds.
Key learning outcomes: 

The Lviv Polytechnic graduate of the Marketing Bachelor qualification and in Marketing major should be able to:

  • develop prospective and current plans of marketing activities;
  • plan the organization development in competitiveness increasing;
  • organize and improve marketing activities management structure;
  • organize diagnostics of the market condition and enterprise environment;
  • ensure the establishment and maintenance of business partnership relations with market entity;
  • develop proposals for the formation and improvement of enterprise commodity, pricing, selling based on maximum customer satisfaction;
  • organize the exhibitions, trade fairs and other events to promote products on the market;
  • support a favourable social and psychological climate in the team.
Occupational profiles of graduates with examples: 
Marketer of the base level is responsible in the enterprise for the following functions:
  • develop the marketing and pricing policy;
  • make marketing plans for the near-term outlook;
  • participate in the business plans development;
  • elaborate the marketing strategy;
  • study the target market, consumers, their motivations and progress trends of demand;
  • inquire into the factors that affect on sales, analyze the results of selling;
  • take part in the stimulate sales measures development;
  • monitor and analyze the competitors’ activities;
  • prepare proposals for upgrading and improvement of goods properties or services based on social and demographic characteristics of the different consumers groups, the dynamics of their earnings, required resources and costs etc.;
  • prepare suggestions of changing and development of goods range;
  • prepare the basic data for marketing analysis;
  • corroborate the marketing research toolset;
  • make marketing briefings;
  • make creative briefings;
  • develop the media plans;
  • analyze the complex of marketing communications;
  • develop the plans of integrated marketing communications;
  • develop the plans for advertising campaign;
  • analyze distribution channels;
  • develop the schemes of delivery the goods to the consumer;
  • test trademarks and analyze the stages of their existence;
  • develop the brand positioning schemes;
  • prepare the analytical reports based on the results of the company and its subdivisions activity.
Access to further studies: 
Competitive basis enrolment to study for Qualification Degree of Specialist or Master on majors: 0100 Consumer and Investment Goods Marketing, 0200 Marketing Services, 0300 Advertising Management.
Examination regulations, assessment and grading: 
The temporary provision on the knowledge evaluation and determination of the students rating in credit and modular system of learning process.
Graduation requirements: 
The Lviv Polytechnic State Examination Board on the major carries out the Bachelor of Marketing training quality certification to establish actual compliance level of educational training on requirements of educational and qualification characteristic. The certification is based on the evaluation of graduates professional knowledge and skills with the nationwide comprehensive diagnostic methods namely the Bachelor’s diploma paper and the comprehensive state exam. The State Examination Board carries out the Bachelor of Marketing conferment.
Mode of study: 
Full-time, external
Programme director: 
Head of the Department, Prof . E. Krykavskyy