Bachelor’s degree programme 6.030504 Business Economics

Qualification awarded: 
Bachelor in Business Economics
Level of qualification : 
Specific admission requirements: 
None: enrolment is held on general terms of entry
Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning: 
Profile of the programme: 

Students acquire the necessary knowledge and practical skills in such fields as economics of production and economic enterprise activities, planning and supervising in the enterprise, price formation, enterprise investment activity, labour economics, enterprise taxation system, project analysis, production engineering, enterprise strategy forming, enterprise development, organization of enterprise innovation activity.

The total credit load of the curriculum is 240 ECTS credits, including social and humanitarian modules — 36 cr., fundamental, natural science and general economic modules — 41 cr., modules of professional and practical training — 142,5 cr.

Key learning outcomes: 
Specialists in Business Economics are able to perform organizationally management, informational analytical work in such fields:
  • forming of economic enterprise strategy and rational management forms choice;
  • economic mechanism functioning organization of joint stock and business companies;
  • improvement of the organizational enterprise structure, development of core business, subsidiary and support units;
  • justification of economic efficiency of enterprise activity;
  • organization of state enterprise business mechanism;
  • organization and management in small business enterprises and in business of non-governmental economics sector;
  • implement comparative efficiency of privatization and corporatization processes in the enterprises of different management forms and property categories;
  • take into consideration price forming peculiarities;
  • forming and using income of different types and property categories enterprises;
  • form enterprise production stocks and analyze efficiency of their using;
  • labour organization and workplaces efficiency use;
  • efficiency of material and technical supply, output and offtakes;
  • foreign economic enterprise activity;
  • business plan of enterprise activity development;
  • informational systems of enterprise management.
Occupational profiles of graduates with examples: 

Primary positions for specialists of this profile are: economist of planning and financial department, business activity analysis department, production unit, economist of financial department, manager and marketing specialist of marketing office, enterprise subdivision, statistics specialist.

Occupation: the economist of planning and financial department, business activity analysis department, production unit

Monitoring of business economic activity. Development of the opportunities’ alternative options, environmental influence, competitive ability. Develop the system analysis strategy of economic activity general rates; make up a general scheme of enterprise functioning; determine internal influence factors on economic results. Apply computer technology to analytic and planned-economic calculations; conduct strategic and operational planning with the help of PC. Conduction of business activity system analysis with its main aims determination; assess enterprise activity conditions; analyze and evaluate product manufacture and sales, profitability, financial condition and financial responsibility of enterprise. Make up long-term, current and operation plans of economic activity; justify program; determine forms and systems of enterprise activity logistical support; evaluate the raw products, materials, intermediate products, component parts need; justify critical limit of manufacture. Make an analysis of company activity resource potential coverage level; define sources of material, labour and financial supply; assess the resources usage efficiency; identify the level of enterprise functioning. Conduct the monitoring and justify the existing system of company price formation, choose more effective methods of price formation, prepare techniques for price setting on company products. Make up a calculation of product prime cost (works, services), justify prices for particular products, draw up and register prices.

Occupation: the economist of the financial department

Choose the objects of financial monitoring and create data bank, determine the sources of financial funds forming, provide the company with legal management of the property, analyze the provision of the enterprise with production assets and efficiency of their using, determine the basic and floating funds need. Develop the company investment strategy with investment activity aim determination and choose effective ways of their achievement, form investment portfolio of enterprise,prediction the general need for investments and determine their funding. Justification of investment decisions. Make up technical and economical justification and business plan of investment project, calculate the efficiency according to the international standards; evaluate risks of investment projects and means of their minimization. Receivership with determination of income forming sources and factors of profit forming, assess the level of costs, optimize manufacturing expenses and make up an estimate, calculate the amount of company taxes, justify marginal and target profit, plan the profit and its distribution. Evaluate the supply of enterprise with floating assets, optimize their amount and structure, provide the financial responsibility and cash flow regulation in the company; determine forms of efficient tendencies of financial investments. Form company's amortization policy, justify industrial development rate and profit share on technological and industrial development. Estimate the amount of possible financial losses due to the economic risk, determine bankruptcy factors, choose the forms of internal and external economic risk insurance. Develop debit and credit plan, create plan of income and expenses of funds during planning the company's finances.

Occupation: manager

Analyze the organizational structure of the enterprise and subdivision management, discover its major drawbacks and develop means to emend them, develop a functional management structure, amend the regulations of subdivisions management apparatus, choose means of labour managing and introduce them into subdivisions. Define company's strategy direction and develop a program of its implementation, organize management of company's production and auxiliary workshops, organization management of the major processes of the company's activity.

Occupation: marketing specialist

Justify marketing programs that will ensure the competitiveness of manufactured products, evaluate the effectiveness of marketing services and their departments, analyze the internal and external sales markets, develop means of the marketing services effectiveness improvement.
Explore the consumers needs, organize commercial links, form company's assortment policy, develop products renewal proposals and its introduction to the new products and services market, evaluate the marketing activities of the company. Choose rational sales options and their implementation, preparation of the implementation agreements, introduction of advanced forms and means of selling the ready-made products, planning the content and structure of advertising, development of measures to stimulate sales.

Access to further studies: 
Admission is conducted on competitive basis for study on the second cycle degree e Master/Specialist (7.050107, 8.050107 — Business Economics)
Examination regulations, assessment and grading: 
Provisional Regulation on knowledge evaluation and recognition of students’ rating in the credit-modular system of the educational process.
Graduation requirements: 
The Lviv Polytechnic State Examination Board in this major evaluates Business Economics Bachelor's quality of training, establishes actual compliance level of educational training to requirements of EQC (Education and Qualification Characteristic). Certification is based on the assessment of professional knowledge and skills level of graduates using national comprehensive diagnostic methods: Bachelor's thesis and complex state exam. Bachelor in Business Economics qualification is conferred by the State Examination Commission.
Mode of study: 
Full-time, extramural, external
Programme director: 
Head of the Department, Sc.D., professor Kozyk V.