Bachelor’s degree programme 060102, Architecture

Qualification awarded: 
Bachelor of Arcitecture
Level of qualification : 
Specific admission requirements: 
None; enrollment is held on general conditions of entry
Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning: 
Profile of the programme: 
Students gain knowledge for carrying out their self-dependent planing and organization of designing, architectural, and art-designing activities. Specialists in architecture are able to apply professional knowledge in the branch of development of preliminary and construction designs of architectural objects of different types, in design of architectural surroundings, interiors and exteriors of buildings. Both practical architectural production and management of building process are included into the sphere of their activity. In the course of their training, the students master modern software systems and technologies for creation and processing concerning 2-D images (Adobe Reader, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Paint), 3-D architectural objects (ArchiCAD, SketchUp Pro, AvtoCAD), development of multimedia products (Flash, Maya), and text editors (Microsoft Office). The specialists are able to transform and organize the surrounding space in accordance with modern conditions and the needs of the society, they can also develop and present architectural ideas by means of graphic works (drawings), prototyping (model and layout making), multimedia ,they have experience in individual work with artistic and photo materials. The program includes 240 ECTS credits, of which humanities, social and economic subjects 20.5 credits, vocational and practical training 29.5 credits, variable disciplines 190 credits.
Key learning outcomes: 

1. Subject area knowledge

  • history of the development of the world and Ukrainian architecture and art Classification of buildings and structures, principles of design of objects and elements of urban environment;
  • principles and norms of zoning, planing , and development of a spatial structure, constructional diagram, and artistic image of architectural objects;
  • principles of design of exteriors and interiors of buildings, landscape designing;
  • principles of laying out new objects in a historically formed architectural environment;
  • main statements of the theory of composition, geometrical modeling, and objects designing;
  • theory of colour, modern concepts and methods of the use of colour in architecture and design;
  • criteria of aesthetic expressiveness of images, application of means of drawing, fine arts, and sculpture in architectural creation;
  • modern knowledge in the branch of the technology of computer modeling of architectural objects, means of engineering and computer graphics;
  • basic ideas of general concepts and rules of standard-technical basis of architectural designing, rules of carrying out working design plans and specifications.

2. Cognitive skills

  • ability to use professional-profiled knowledge and practical habits from fundamental subjects in the process of architectural designing.
  • ability to apply knowledge and skills for solving qualitative and quantitative problems;
  • ability to analyze, estimate, interpret, and synthesize professional information and data under the condition of designing;
  • skills in input and look into textual, graphic, and multimedia information;
  • ability to apply aesthetic principles and compositional laws of shape forming;
  • ability to apply computer methods of drawing 2-D and 3-D images;
  • skills in graphic design of materials in all stages of architectural production;
  • skills in written, oral, and visual presentation of scientific and practical materials.

3. Practical Skills in

  • organizing the process of architectural designing;
  • operation of computer systems, habits of loading and using the necessary software;
  • working with specialized drawing and graphic devices, art materials.

4. General skills and comprehension

  • ability to take into account main aesthetic categories, laws of architectural composition, economic and ecological principles of building and to apply elements of socio-cultural competence;
  • skills in taking into account processes of social-political history of Ukraine, legislative principles and ethic norms in productive or social activity;
  • ability to apply knowledge in practice, habits of calculation and graphics;
  • ability to self-study and continue the professional development;
  • skills in communication, including oral and written communication in Ukrainian and, at least, one of the widespread European languages;
  • skills in professional communication, interaction with other people, skills in work in teams;
  • skills in organizing own professional activity.
Occupational profiles of graduates with examples: 
The objects of professional activity of the Bachelor in Design is the work on design plans and specifications for arcitectural-building production. Carrying out the development of a packet of work drawings with detail drawings of some assemblies and parts under the guidance of the leading designer (the author of the project) in a designing team. Participation in forming and detailing of the idea of a project, in bread-boarding, manufacturing the demonstrational materials, multimedia presentation of the project materials according to the assignment from the chief of the designing team.

1. Professional profile: arcitect

Developing the architectural-planking design of environments, buildings, and structures, carrying out the pre-designing analysis of the situation, carrying out the calculational-graphic part of all the chapters of the architectural design; making the working drawings using modern methods of architectural designing and means of software (ArchiCAD, SketchUp Pro, AvtoCAD), making the bread-boarding of the object, developing some assemblies and architectural parts. Participating in drawing up requests for proposal to carry out them with engineers who are involved into the work; coordination of project decisions with the customers and engineers; receipt of examinations from state bodies of inspection; conduct of analysis, checking, and estimation of the quality of designing works.

2.Professional profile: technician in multimedia architectural designing

Creation of 3-D sketches and virtual informational model of a certain architectural object by means of software (ArchiCAD, SketchUp Pro, AvtoCAD), making main drawings and views on its basis; putting them in sheets and preparing the sketch-book for printing. Organizing the work on team-developed project with a help of modern hardware and software for architectural designing; operations in multimedia space of the firm and in Internet using textual and HTML-editors.

3.Professional profile: designer of architectural environment

As a member of a designing team, participation in development of a conceptual design of the project of an interior and elements of design of architectural environment ( small forms, landscape elements). Development of working drawings of interior elements (furniture, illumination, decorative forms) with the use of modern methods of architectural design and software (ArchiCAD, SketchUp Pro, AvtoCAD). Preparation of demonstrational and advertizing materials for presentation of results of designing.

4.Professional profile: technician-architect of municipal or district board of architecture

Preparation of output data for drawing up the requests for proposal of buildings and structures; organizing the investigation of pre-designing situation; photofixation, collection, and systimatization of additional materials, checking the presence of geodetic and geological investigations. Creation of a packet of documents which contain the necessary information for organizing the process of architectural designing. Coordination of actions of engineering substructures which participate in the designing; conduct of account and reporting documentation.
Access to further studies: 
The Bachelor in Architecture can continue his/her training in the university in the level of higher education Master/Specialist in the specialties: Architecture of Buildings and Structures, Town Planing,.Design of Architectural Environment, Restoration and Reconstruction of Architectural Objects and Complexes.
Examination regulations, assessment and grading: 
Provisional Regulation on knowledge evaluation and recognition of student’s rating in the credite-module system of training.
Graduation requirements: 
Completed training curriculum amounting to 240 credits, successfully defensed Bachelor’s qualification work.
Mode of study: 
Full-time training.
Programme director: 
Prof. Bohdan S. Cherkas , Doctor of architecture